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  • Build Muscle, Gain Strength, Speed Recovery
  • 50/50 Ratio of "Clean" Protein/Carbs
  • Fortified with Bio-Gro™ Bio-Active Peptides
  • With Added Creatine and Betaine Anhydrous
  • Delicious Shake, Available in Mouth-Watering Flavors


With the 5-Phase Instantized Protein Blend including beef and whey isolate, HYPER-GRO is also fortified with BIO-GRO™ Bio-Active Peptides to help maximize lean muscle growth, without adding fat weight.∆


Added BIO-GRO, Betaine, and Creatine assist your body to signal and accelerate the rate of protein synthesis, to help the muscle re-build itself bigger, stronger, or faster, depending on your training goals.∆


Used as a post-workout shake, HYPER-GRO fuels the muscles with its Clean Muscle-Infusing Carbohydrate Matrix (sugar-free) to help restore the gylcogen muscle energy reserves and speed recovery.∆

What is HYPER-GRO?

HYPER-GRO, our most advanced clean bulking/lean mass gainer, powered by BIO-GRO™ Bio-Active Peptides, and is scientifically engineered to help hard-training weightlifters like you pack on muscular gains, without adding body fat!∆

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