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  • Rapid Release Testosterone Booster
  • Test Subjects Increased Testosterone in Just 10 Hours 
  • Full Clinically Researched Dosing of Key Ingredients
  • Anti-Estrogen Properties
  • Supports Strength Increases and Improved Recovery


With clinical levels of TESTOSURGE coursing through your veins, you'll be on the fast track to jacking up you testosterone. In fact in one gold standard human clinical study subjects using TESTOSURGE saw significant increases in total and bioavailable testosterone in as little as 10 hours.


Core ingredients in RAPID-TEST have been shown to support significant strength increase in just week. Subjects that uses TESTOSURGE gained on average 12 pounds on their max bench press and 152 pounds on their max leg press.†

Burn Fat

Subjects using a core ingredient in RAPID-TEST for 8 weeks saw a significant decrease in body fat. In fact these subjects lost 224% more fat than the subjects that were administered a placebo.


RAPID-TEST is a scientifically advanced testosterone booster that goes to work in as little as 10 hours. The strength and purity of the formula not only elevates total testosterone, but free and bio-available testosterone as well. RAPID-TEST is the perfect training partner for men who are looking to jack up their anabolic status for performance in and out of the gym. Put RAPID-TEST to work today and see just how far you can push your results!

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